Turnkey Compliance Service
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Our Promise To Your Bank Regarding Our Compliance Relationship:

1. We will work hard to help ensure that your bank has an effective compliance management system that is fully satisfactory to both you and your regulatory compliance examiners.

2. We will work in cooperation with your bank's officers and staff as team members to achieve results, while at the same time maintaining a required independent relationship.

3. We will strive to deliver our services to your bank on a cost effective basis as independent contractors.
Turnkey Compliance Service

Outsource your compliance officer burdens to us! We can work with you to set up a risk based compliance monitoring review and training schedule for your bank's specific needs. Your board and management will receive comprehensive written reports of the bank's compliance status on a quarterly basis, including any actions taken to strengthen areas where improvement is necessary.

Compliance regulations are constantly changing, and becoming more complex and time consuming. In the past, many community banks were delegating compliance duties to the junior loan officer, as part of his other duties. However, due to the changes noted above, this model generally does not work in today's regulatory environment. Examiners are demanding that the bank have effective risk based processes to identify and correct compliance problems, and to keep up with the shifting regulatory requirements and priorities.

Our overall compliance package is designed to solve these problems. We have successfully performed this service for many bank's over a number of years - this is a proven, effective process that can make a significant difference for your bank in achieving regulatory compliance results, and these results can be fulfilled on a contract basis. Why wait until your bank receives a sub-par rating by your compliance examiners?
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